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Our Hazard Response 

Your Safety

Wherever Stetner is at work, we are dedicated to ensuring our employees and customers remain safe. Whether it's through performing a daily Job Hazard Analysis, observing standard safe work practices, or navigating the current COVID-19 pandemic, we always place safety first.

We use a multi-step approach to ensure safety hazards are identified and isolated or removed, high trafficked areas are sanitized regularly, and employees are provided the appropriate personal protective equipment as needed. To minimize exposure to COVID-19, Stetner also provides in-depth education regularly as new information is provided by the CDC and city, county, state, and federal departments of health. Our education also includes how we should be using personal protective equipment, along with physical distancing guidelines to keep employees, customers, and vendors safe.

Our safety department is proactive in finding unique and creative solutions which keep us confident in our ability to maintain a safe working environment. On a recent data center project we designed and built our own Ultraviolet C Light tool sanitation units which crews use between shifts to sterilize tools.

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