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Safety is one of Stetner’s foundational value pillars. Our commitment to safety comes before profits. We train and certify all our craft employees, ensuring they have the most accurate and current knowledge for today's constantly changing construction environments.

Our experienced electricians know electrical code and are proficient in safe work practices. Stetner craft and management employees work closely together to improve what is already a solid safety record and to develop a world-class safety culture.


Education is a critical component of our safety program. Stetner provides paid safety education for all craft employees including (but not limited to):

  • First Aid CPR

  • Forklift Operator

  • Operator Mobile Elevated Work Platform Operator

  • Hands-on Fall Protection

  • Job Site Specific Hazards


Stretch and Flex - We prepare our bodies for the daily work activities each morning through stretches and repeat these practices following lunch break.

Safety Leadership Team - A time provided that involves site management in the safety process.

Steering Committee - A weekly gathering of craft members that empowers them to address safety concerns.

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